Sept 12th:    Ferguson Shipping’s Update – John Morgan (Biography) (Talk)

Sept 26th:    Quiz “Night” – Barry Adams-Strump (Information) (Event)

Oct 10th:      Family History – George English (Biography) (Talk)

Oct 24th:      On the Folk Scene – Fraser Bruce (Biography) (Talk)

Nov 14th:     The Grand Central Hotel – Jill Scott and Bill Greig (Information) (Extra)

Nov 28th:     George Square’s Statues – Niall Murphy (Biography) (Talk)

Dec 12th:      Paisley 2021 – Alan McNiven (Biography) (Talk)

Dec 19th:      Christmas Lunch   –     Address – Rev. Jane Howitt (St. Rollox Church) (Address)


Jan 9th:         The old Glasgow Empire – Bob Bain (Biography) (Talk)

Jan 23rd:      Reflections on Burns – Dr. Peter Hughes OBE (Biography) (Talk)

Feb 13th:      West End Antiques – Anita Manning (Talk)

Feb 27th:      The Britannia Panopticon Music Hall Scotland – Peter Crilly (Talk)

March 13th:  Medics against Violence – Dr. Christine Goodall (Biography) (Talk)

March 27th:  Institute of Advanced Motorists – Neil Greig (Biography) (Talk)

April 10th:    Scotland ….. the Visited! – Mike Cantlay (Biography) (Talk)

April 24th:     Annual General Meeting

May 9th:        Drugs and the police  – Jim Duffy (Biography) (Talk)

May 23:         3D design techniques & the Gorbals Clocktower – Eddie Horn (Information) (Talk)