2020 Lockdown – A series of blogs using Slack

Thanks are due to the blog writers who entertained us on the Slack App during the Lockdown.  They helped keep us entertained during our normal break but, as they say, we weren’t going anywhere! The writers were Stewart Roy, Nick Kuenssberg, Robin Leake, Dermot Kennedy, Graeme Pollock, Ken Wardrop, Ken Fisher and John Cammidge on a wide range of subjects. They successfully informed, educated and entertained in true Reithian terms.   As the meetings were effectively conducted in emails, one of our colleagues remarked that it reminded him of the Two Ronnies giving one of their ‘out of sync’ news interviews.  Quite a good description as members’ messages hit our screens out of sync.  Despite this, an hour was easily filled with questions, comments and banter – even if ‘not in the right order’ to misquote Morecambe and Wise.

Link here to read the blogs (Files will download as PDFs)  (Blogs)


(* virtual meeting via Zoom)

Sep-8: *  Presidents, Prime Ministers & Pathologists – John Clark (Intro) (Talk)

Sep-22: * The challenge of being a Parish Church today – Rev Joe Kavanagh (Talk)

Oct-13: * Life is not a Rehearsal – Nick Kuenssberg (Talk)

Oct-27: * Earth’s last frontier – the depths of the oceans – Peter Spencer Davies (Biog) (Talk)

Nov-10: * Glasgow Botanic Gardens – past, present & future – Ewan Donaldson (Biog) (Talk)

(Nov-24: postponed due to COVID – On the couch with Robin Leake – Sir Ken Calman

Nov-24: * Aversion therapy: a new approach to treating infections that are resistant to antibiotics – Professor Andrew Roe. (Biog) (Talk)

Dec-8:   * Ripples from the dark side of the Universe – the direct experimental evidence for black holes – Professor Sir Jim Hough (Biog) (Talk)

Dec-15: * Christmas Address – Very Rev John Miller(Biog) (Address)


Jan-12: * A spell in Somalia – Bob Scott (Biog) (Talk)

Jan-26: * How to murder your … – Ian Dale (Biog) (Talk)

Feb-9: * Trident in a mad world – John Harbour (Biog) (Talk)

Feb-23: * An introduction to Genealogy – Graham Holton (Biog) (Talk)

Mar-9: * Improving the economic and environmental sustainability of a Scottish Hill Farm – Dr. John Holland (Biog) (Talk)

Mar-23: * The rocket that eats itself- Patrick Harkness(Biog) (Talk)

Apr-13: * Tales of a Herald Reporter- Catriona Stewart (Biog) (Talk)

Apr-27: * Life without the BBC-  John McCormick (Biog) (Talk)

May-11: * Lister, Glasgow and Antisepsis: confluences that changed the world! – Dermot Kennedy

Lots of Clots in Scots-   Gordon Lowe (Biog)   Postponed

May 25:AGM Plus – New Lanark- Professor Edward Royle (Biog) (Talk)