Bob Bradnock talk

India -a superpower?

Bob gave an illuminating talk about the geo-political history of India from ancient times, through the British empire, to today’s position in the world.  A small summary here could not possibly convey the depth and understanding of India Bob imparted to the spellbound audience.

From the earliest trading, where India was at the heart of the Asian trade routes, to the impact of imperialism, particularly the British Empire, we learned about the culture, the religions, the politics and the geography of a nation of diverse states and cultures.  Bob then talked about how Ghandi, educated in England, visioned a traditional India, returning to a pre-colonial way of life before his protégée Nehru took the country in a different more modern direction.

Millions still live in abject poverty.  Religious tensions are as serious as ever and the caste system still permeates in many states

They have entered the space race and they are aiming for the moon.  Does this make them a Superpower?   Time will tell!!

Bob Bradnock talk