Author: Kelvin Probus

Catriona Stewart

Catriona is a reporter and columnist for the Herald and Times newspaper group. She is currently Chief Reporter and columnist for the Glasgow Times and writes a twice-weekly column for The Herald.  She specialises in education, is the Glasgow Times’s

Patrick Harkness talk

The Rocket that eats itself Kelvin Probus members now know why the phrase ‘It’s not rocket science!’ gets bandied about so often.  Patrick’s talk on rockets was a no holds barred exposefor a lay audience on rocket science.  This included

John Holland blog

Improving the economic and environmental sustainability of a Scottish Hill Farm This talk by Dr John Holland was well outside the normal familiarity of most of our urban members.  He was telling us about the Scotland’s Rural College’s hill farm

Ewan Donaldson

Ewen was brought up on a small holding near Milton of Campsie.  He started work as an apprentice gardener in Glasgow’s Parks Department in 1970. He worked mainly in Bellahouston Park, Rosshall Park and the Botanic Gardens at this time.

Graham Holton Talk

Introduction to Genealogy Graham introduced his subject by defining the difference between genealogy and family history.  In brief, genealogy is the skeleton, the bones of Family History on which the flesh is added.  A simple and clear cut definition as

Graham Holton

Graham has a background as a professional librarian, with a lifelong interest in family history.  He has been a tutor on the University of Strathclyde’s Postgraduate Programme in Genealogical Studies since it commenced in 2007 and is the author of