Sep-10: University of Glasgow Campus Redevelopment Plans – Kirsty Craig (Biog) (Talk)

Sep-24: Developing Countries: charity or transformation – Duncan MacLaren (Biog) (Talk)

Oct-08: 21st century challenges for Africa –  John Briggs (Biog) (Talk)

Oct-22: Glasgow City Region City Deal – Colette Keaveny (Biog) (Talk)

Nov-12: Programme Change Glasgow’s Housing Story – Les Milne(Biog) (Talk)

Nov-26th: Scots and English in Scotland,Language & Landscape, History & Identity  –  Jeremy Smith(Biog) (Talk)

Dec-10th: Glasgow Airport  – Ronald Leitch (Biog) (Talk)

Dec-17th: Christmas Address – Rev Bruce Sinclair (Address)



Jan-14:  When Sunday brought the Post – Jill Scott & Bill Hicks (Talk)

Jan-28:  Robert Burns & the Scottish Economy – Murray Pittock (Biog) (Talk)

Feb-11: Electrifying Britain – 1880 to the Present & Beyond – Stephen Rodgers (Biog)

Feb-25: Glasgow Museums’ Collection of Paintings by Scottish Artists – Alan MacDonald (Biog) (Talk)

Mar-10: Old Glasgow Through the Lens – Douglas Annan (Biog)

Mar-24:  To be announced – Club Debate

Apr-14: Puffer Preservation Trust – Nick Walker, MBE

Apr-28: Humanist Services – Norrie Flowers

May-12:  Health : Antibiotic Resistance – Andrew Roe

May-26:   AGM

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