Christmas Lunch 2017 – Venue Selection

Kelvin Probus Christmas Meal  19th December, 2017     Venue Selection               


The opportunity has been taken of making contact with three potential caterers for our traditional Christmas lunch.  All have kept this date available for us.

The remit to each of those involved was specific in that we wished a three course festive lunch (with alternatives for each course) followed by tea or of coffee plus mince pie.  One glass of red or white wine or soft drink to be made available at a reception, with a further at a specific time during the meal (eg after the first course).

The undernoted notes provide the like for like comparison.   In each instance a 10% service charge has been added to the price quoted to cover service.  All meals would be pre-ordered.  In each instance the turkey to be carved (not bought in pre-sliced) with traditional trimmings and gravy, cranberry and bread sauce on the side.


Café Source Too

Dining room on the first floor as also toilets.  Bar on ground (or table service).  On street parking, nearest train station Anniesland.  Amplification available. The meal proposed was not clarified but it was suggested that it would be;

Soup or Pate

Turkey or Fish

Christmas pudding or Cheesecake

Total Cost                                           £35.20


Douglas Park Golf Club, Bearsden

Dining room on first floor with toilets on the ground floor. Bar adjacent to dining room. Private parking, nearest station Hillfoot (10 minutes walk)    Amplification available.

Soup, Pate, Peach and Melon Balls.

Turkey, Seabass, Braised Beef or Gammon or Vegetarian option.

Christmas Pudding, Pavlova, or Cheese Board

Total Cost                                           £29.57


Pond Hotel

Dining room on ground floor, toilets accessible from dining room. Bar an integral part of dining room. Private parking, nearest station Anniesland. Amplification to be hired (cost included). Menu has not yet been clarified but based on last year:

Soup or Pate.

Turkey or Sea Bass

Christmas Pudding or Cheesecake

Total Cost                                           £28.05




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Please note: A count of members’ preferences will decide the venue at the AGM on Tuesday 18th April

Christmas Lunch 2017 – Venue Selection