Catherine Wallace & Carol Smith

Catherine Wallace and Carol Smith 11th April 2023

Catherine Wallace is a Community Safety Advocate with over 30 years within the Fire Service. She has carried out various roles during this time including Supervision of office staff, Secretary to Chief Officers and Community Co-ordinator to name a few, which has led her to her current role undertaken in 2014.

Her current post allows her to engage with the community throughout Glasgow in all age ranges.  She carries out CPR training, Fire Taster sessions, Water safety and indeed presentations all in an effort to keep the public as safe as possible.

Carol Smith has been in the Fire Service for 29 years again carrying out the role of Community Safety Advocate, Supervisor of office staff and Community Co-ordinator taking up the role of Community Advocate 2014.

Catherine and her Carol will carry out a presentation on the four main causes of fire within the home.  This presentation is for people living within Scotland and is aimed at reducing risks of fire. They will also discuss New Fire Scotland regulations which state that your home now has to have working smoke alarms on each level of the property, within the common living area and a heat detector within your kitchen and are required to be interlinked. If a fire starts, this will give you and your family time to get to safety.

Catherine Wallace & Carol Smith